THESE PEOPLE ARE CLUELESS and have been harassing me for over 2 years! They previously denied a motion to stay that I NEVER FILED, yes you heard that right. They then scheduled a second hearing to hear this phantom Motion (THAT AGAIN I NEVER FILED) to stay for the Sarasota County Mechanical Board second round You can’t make this stuff up. How can this be the best that Sarasota County has to offer with a 1.2 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET? Notice two county attorneys at this hearing, (had to bring in more than one attorney right?) earning over $210,000 between them and they have NO IDEA what they are doing. What an embarrassment. The building official and her deputy earn approximately $90,000 plus $70,000 yet they too have no idea what they are doing. Oh yes and they have ignored over 34,400 expired permits, a significant danger to life and property. See and of course the ex-cop that was fired after an incredible 40 internal affairs investigations including sexual assault, etc. etc.

WATCH THIS VIDEO. Look at all the representatives for Sarasota County, decide for yourself:

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